Barneys Sermons

Be like God: Generosity

Sun, Aug 09, 2015
Teacher: David Blowes
Duration:38 mins 44 secs
Be like God. Christians learn from their master, the who who though he was rich became poor, that through his poverty we might become rich (cf. Phil 2). Christian generosity is using your wealth for the benefit of others. 1) Generosity is a gift to the giver (grace) 2) Generosity is an opportunity to follow in Jesus footsteps (sacrifice) 3) Generosity tells the story of Jesus (witness) 4) Generosity is the best investment you will ever make (riches in heaven) Christians should so have their hearts changed by God, that we see our money as opportunity to meet the needs of others. Generosity is wanting, desiring, yearning, earnestly pleading for the privilege of giving our money away (2 Cor 8:1-4).

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